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Sticky Liquid:

The New Standard for
Refined Oil

The same high-quality, refined oil that you have grown to love in our PURE Upgrade atomizers is now available in a new delivery system! The superior design of our highly portable plunger is more visually appealing than standard medical syringes, and the shorter tip ensure less product waste. It’s great for dabbing, and it fits easily into the opening of most atomizers, allowing you to use your own. The product is mostly activated, which makes it great for creating edibles, or any cooking application. You can even make your own custom mix creations to enjoy!

Our Process:

After the primary Supercritical CO2 extraction of the cannabis plant matter, a secondary filtration using high-quality, smooth and certified organic alcohol is performed. This two-step process allows for the rich smell and flavor of the unique plant to shine through, removing plant wax and increasing potency.

Tips for use:

Sticky Liquid is great for cooking applications. It is also perfect for refilling your favorite atomizer or cartomizer, and also for dabbing.

For more information about dabbing or vaporizer pens, view our FAQs page.

Available STICKY LIQUID Strains

STICKY LIQUID Recreational Strains

Afghan Blueberry