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PURE Gold:

Your favorite flower now in PURE Upgrade GOLD!

Interra Oils now offers PURE Upgrade GOLD, offering naturally extracted and chemical free oil CO2 from the best partner farms. Our GOLD line uses only the best material from partner indoor farms as well as organically grown outdoor farms to provide oil with all the best attributes. It comes in our specially designed gold ccell style atomizer that is plated in 14k gold! PURE Upgrade GOLD not only looks amazing, it smokes amazing as well!

Vaporizer pens (also known as atomizers or vape pens) are a clean and efficient way to use our hash oil products. The small vape pens are a convenient, discreet and toxin-free alternative to smoking.

How It Works:

Our pre-filled atomizers are quick and easy to use. Simply screw the PURE Upgrade GOLD atomizer into the vape pen. The heating mechanism heats the hash oil to a temperature at which the active components of the oil are released as an aromatic vapor. The result is a smokeless vapor that is rapidly absorbed when inhaled.

Tips for use:

Interra Oils recommends regular maintenance on your vaporizer pen. Keep a freshly charged battery in the pen and replace as needed. It is also important to keep the pen and oil at room temperature for ease-of-use.

For more tips and information on vape pens view our FAQs page.

Pure Upgrade Gold