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PURE Fractal:

PURE Fractal is the newest member of the PURE family!

Interra Oils now offers PURE™ FRACTAL, a sub-zero ethanol extract that is chemical free. We extract using only the best certified organic ethanol, which makes oil commonly known as "RSO." While traditional RSO is dark and with an unappealing chlorophyll flavor, our FRACTAL is much lighter orange and red tones. We believe you're going to like what we've done with a new twist on an old world style of extraction. It currently comes in the best polycarbonate atomizer known for its low failure rates. PURE FRACTAL not only looks amazing, it smokes amazing as well!

Vaporizer pens (also known as atomizers or vape pens) are a clean and efficient way to use our hash oil products. The small vape pens are a convenient and discreet alternative to smoking.

How It Works:

Our pre-filled atomizers are quick and easy to use. Simply screw the PURE™ FRACTAL atomizer into the vape pen. The heating mechanism heats the hash oil to a temperature at which the active components of the oil are released as an aromatic vapor. The result is a smokeless vapor that is rapidly absorbed when inhaled.

Please keep in mind that these atomizers require a lower voltage battery! With the new styles of pens on the market, it's easy to blow the coil out but this oil is best experienced with low heat and low voltage to keep the flavor lasting long and the coil in tact!