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CBD Rich Hash Oil

CBD Rich Hash Oil:

Medical Hash Oil for the
Discerning Patient

Cannabidiol (otherwise known as CBD) is a compound found in cannabis that is slightly less psychoactive than THC yet retains the desired medical side effects, making our CBD Rich Oil the preferred product for patients.

Our Process:

Through our Supercritical CO2 extraction of CBD, the integrity of the plant oil and its medical side effects can be preserved. This extraction process assures that the oil was produced through the safest and purest pharmaceutical grade extraction process available today.

Assuring quality control and transparency for customers, Interra Oils tests each batch of CBD Rich Oil at Analytical 360 Cannabis Analysis Laboratory using High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) to provide a cannabinoid profile while evaluating potency, quality assurance and plant phenotype.

CBD Rich Hash Oil

Tips for use:

Interra Oils CBD Rich Oil is a thicker hash oil that is sold in glass cream jars. We recommend using the CBD Rich Oil for dabbing rather than vaporizer pens due to its thicker consistency.

For more information on dabbing or vaporizer pens, view our FAQs page.