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What Are Terpenes:

Reintroducing Cannabis! Take a deeper look….

Cannabis is a more complex plant than it is often given credit for. In order to understand its medical value, it’s important to understand the many facets of the plant, beyond just the THC content. Today it is becoming increasingly more common knowledge that cannabis can be utilized as a muscle relaxer, appetite stimulant, pain reliever, and tool to improve sleep or relieve nausea due to a variety of ailments from minor to extreme and life-threatening. A majority of these medial attributes come from the lesser-known components of the plant, such as cannabidiol (as seen in our CBD Rich Oil), flavonoids (which have been anti-anxiety properties without sedation) and terpenes. It is through the unique Supercritical CO2 extraction process Interra Oils applies that the balance of these other oil components is preserved.

The most common terpenes are:


a potent antinocicpetive (pain relief) and anti-inflammatory agent


an immune stimulator and potent inhalation anti-depressant, along with anti-carcinogenic properties


an anti-inflammatory and gastric cytoprotective (helps protect the stomach and gastric tract)


an anti-inflammatory and bronchodilator (increases air flow into the lungs)