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Supercritical CO2 Extraction:

What sets Interra Oils Apart from the Rest

Supercritical CO2 (SC- CO2) extraction or Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) is known for being the most effective way to extract beneficial essences from plant matter. By using naturally occurring Carbon Dioxide as an extraction solvent the process leaves no residues behind, providing the most natural way to create hash oil for medical purposes. In fact, today CO2 is employed in a number of manufacturing processes across industries including hops extracts, essential oils, pharmaceuticals and decaffeinated coffee.

The Science

Supercritical carbon dioxide (SC- CO2) extraction combines the best aspects of steam distillation and solvent extraction. When carbon dioxide is put under high-pressure of at least 72.9 atmospheres of pressure at a temperature as low as 31.1°C (known as the "critical point"), it becomes a supercritical fluid with the permeation properties of a gas but the solvation properties of a liquid.

The Results

SC- CO2 yields richer, more intensely-scented oil with greater therapeutic qualities than those produced by any other extraction method to date. The natural flavors and intricacies of the marijuana plant strain remain intact for the enjoyment and health benefits of the consumer. Naturally occurring medical effects of the plant that reside in its terpenes also remain intact. Most importantly, the process is clean and natural, free of chemicals and harsh solvents.