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Our Process:

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Get Super Critical about your medicine. The quality of the process is just as important as the quality of the product.

We’d like to share our process with you….

The Interra Oils process is a unique one that sets Interra products apart from the rest. In order to make the highest quality hash oil we start with the highest quality flower and plant matter. We have long-standing relationships with our growers and maintain an intimate knowledge of how they grow their plants to ensure no chemical fertilizers or harsh pesticides are used.

Once we have the best plant we can find, we extract the oil from the cannabis plant. Our Supercritical CO2 (SC-CO2) extraction process is the safest and purest method of extraction as it uses naturally occurring carbon dioxide and does not introduce outside agents, such as harsh chemicals, into the process.  The result is greater flavor, richness and a broader spectrum of cannabinoids. It’s a purity you can taste.

After the SC-CO2 extraction process, our Raw Oil has been made.

For our Refined Oil we only use organic alcohol, keeping our process natural and gluten free. The alcohol filtration is a secondary process after the SC-CO2 extraction, maintaining the purity and complex flavors of the plant.

In order to make our CBD Rich Oil, we must start with a CBD-rich plant. Again, we source only the highest quality plants grown in the cleanest and most natural way. We also use the SC-CO2 extraction process to make this hash oil.

All of the products we use in our process are food-grade quality. If you can’t eat it, we don’t use it. This even extends to the cleaning solutions, lubrication and grease for machinery. We want to ensure that any ingredient or solution that could touch the product that you buy is the safest and most natural we could possibly produce. 
Finished Raw and CBD Rich Oils are packaged in glass and aluminum.