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It is important to us that you have all of the information necessary to make the right choice for you. Here are our top Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: What is an Atomizer?

A: An atomizer is commonly referred to as a “cartridge” in the cannabis industry. It is the part of the vaporizer pen that holds the oil and is a removable piece from the battery.

Q: Can I refill a vape pen atomizer?

A: It is possible to refill the atomizers by taking the mouth piece off and removing the plug. This would allow the user to refill the atomizer using a syringe.

Q: How many times can I refill an atomizer?

A: While it is possible to refill the atomizer, we recommend that users always buy a new atomizer. Customers have commented that repeated refilling has caused clogs or failure to work at all. We wouldn’t want any of your oil to go to waste!

Q: How do I refill the atomizer?

A: See “Can I refill a vape pen atomizer” above.

Q: Can I put any hash oil in the atomizer?

A: No. We also recommend that you buy atomizers instead of syringes because there are some oils we produce that are too viscous for the atomizers. If the oil is too thick, it will not seep through the wick. We do not believe in diluting a pure product with chemicals, and as such do not use any artificial or unnatural additives.

Q: What do I do if the atomizer clogs or stops working? Is there a warranty on the atomizer?

A: This is an unfortunate circumstance, to which we have heard that many people end up cutting the atomizer top off and revert to dabbing the remaining oil.

Q: My atomizer is leaking from the bottom. How can I fix it and what can I do to prevent it from happening again?

A: A couple different steps can be taken to determine where a leak is coming from. As a reminder, we don’t suggest refilling atomizers. As it ages, the wick starts to break down which can cause leaking. This can also happen as the atomizer gets close to empty. First we suggest tightening the atomizer. When the atomizer is not tight against the heating element, a gap is created that allows excess liquid to leak. It is also important to check the battery and ensure it is fully charged when you attempt to use it. Another recommendation is to verify the plug by the mouthpiece is securely closed. Opening this plug breaks the tension in the suction and can cause the atomizer to wick incorrectly and leak. Finally, clean the bottom and the pen with a q-tip dipped in alcohol. Make sure the battery is fully charged, tighten the atomizer and start vaping!

Q: I didn’t follow your recommendation and tried to use my atomizer for 3 months. How can I get the oil out!?

A: You have a couple options. You can take off the mouth piece, remove the plug and turn it upside down to let the oil drip out onto something you can later use for dabbing or cooking. We recommend a silicone baking mat. Another option is to use a transfer syringe and suck it out or to cut the atomizer in half and dab.

Q: Can I dilute the oil and how?

A: It is possible to dilute any of our oils and fill an atomizer. Commonly used items are polyethylene glycol (PEG) or other glycols. E-cigarette liquids also often use small amounts of alcohol and water in conjunction with glycol. However, we do not support the use of chemicals such as glycols even though they have been deemed “safe enough” by the government.

Q: Why doesn’t Interra dilute the oil to make it easier to use?

A: We do not believe in diluting a pure product with chemicals. Our mission is to provide the most natural and pure product possible untainted by any artificial and unnatural additives. This also provides a better tasting product that is stronger and more effective for patients.

Q: I keep trying to draw on this pen, but nothing comes out! What do I do?

A: Keep trying! Depending on how recently the atomizer was filled, or how it was stored, the oil might not yet be pulling through the wick effectively. Sometimes it may take several strong draws to get the oil flowing; however, once it does, you will find yourself in the midst of a very pleasurable experience!

Q: I’m still having wicking troubles. Any other suggestions?

A: Check the battery of your pen. It is important to use a fully charged battery. Also, keep in mind where you are storing your pen and hash oil. The products will work best at room temperature. If the vape pen and hash oil has been sitting in the cold car all day, the oil is going to get even thicker and give you some wicking difficulties. The last solution would be to use more powerful battery that can hold a longer charge.

Q: There are air bubbles in the syringe. Am I getting less than what I paid for?

A: We do not fill our syringes to a particular line. While there may be air bubbles, there isn’t a loss of weight because we individually weigh each syringe when packaging the oil. Keep in mind that 1mL does not equal 1mg. Each of Interra Oils hash oils differs slightly in weight and typically equals .43 to .45mL per 500mg.

Q: Is the alcohol used in the Refined Oil safe for me to ingest?

A: Interra Oils only uses organic, food-grade alcohol so it is perfectly safe to ingest. The amount of residual alcohol in the hash oil is actually quite minimal, usually ranging from 2mg – 6mg per half-gram atomizer or syringe. By comparison, a shot of vodka has 28,000 mg, Sativex has 40mg per dose, Binaca breath spray is 27% alcohol and E-liquid e-cigarette is 5-10% alcohol. In order to get the same effects as a single shot of vodka, one would have to inhale 3,500 mg of alcohol.

Q: What is the difference between activated THC% vs. total THC% ?

A: The percentage of Total THC is the combined value of Delta 9 THC-A, Delta 9 THC, and Delta 8 THC, and CBN. Activated Total is the combined value of CBG, Delta9 THC, Delta 8 THC, CBN, CBD and CBC, representing the total amount of cannabinoids activated by decarboxylation through storage and consumption (cooking, smoking, vaporizing, etc.).  


Q: What are the legalities for cannabis?

A: We operate and sell our products in the state of Washington where the production and use of medical and recreational cannabis products is legal. For details on the State of Washington medical laws and regulations, please visit this Washington State website. For information about State of Washington recreational laws and regulations please visit this Washington State website. The Cannabis Defense Coalition is also a great resource for information.

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