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Interra’s Tinctures:

Hash Oil by the Drop

An alternative to smoking or dabbing, Interra’s Tinctures are taken orally, allowing the tincture to be quickly absorbed into your system. Our Tinctures also vary from the oils we offer in that they are standardized to a specified amount of cannabidiol (CBD) or (THC) instead of a specific strain. Interra’s CBD Tinctures are not as powerfully psychoactive, but may also contain varying amounts of THC. Please take a look at our lab test results to view the details of each tincture.

Our Process:

Although the standard way of making a tincture may seem straightforward, Interra Oils upgrades the process by using the highest quality ingredients found in nature. Interra Tinctures are created by infusing our own Raw Oil with a high quality, food grade coconut oil. The result is a premium product, smooth and high-quality, for someone looking for all-natural alternative to smoking.

View information on Interra’s Raw Oil process used to create Interra’s Tinctures.

Each batch of Tinctures is tested by Analytical 360 Cannabis Analysis Laboratory using High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) to provide a cannabinoid profile.

Tips for use:

Interra’s Tinctures are sold in small glass bottles with droppers for ease of use. The recommended dose of a single dropper full (1 ML) is usually administered orally. For those using Interra’s alcohol Tinctures, we recommend administering the dose sublingually, under the tongue, for quicker absorption*.

*This method of administering may cause a temporary and slight sting in some cases.