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KoF Tricone:

The Smoothest Smoke on Earth

Bringing together the trifecta of our grower-network flowers, sifted kief and naturally refined Interra Oils, the KoF TriCone is a unique, potent and full-body flavored creation. Utilizing the very best flower, fully destemmed and never combined with filler, shake or trim and no artificial flavors, our KoF TriCone is a superior smoke.

Our Process:

Interra Oils works with the best local growers who provide the richly flavored flower. The flower is destemmed and soaked in Interra Oils Refined Oil then rolled in kief, creating a sticky wet bud referred to as caviar. The caviar is then age-cured for several days before it is rolled in natural, unbleached cones for a joint-like finished product. Each batch is personally tested by Interra Oils to ensure only the most flavorful and high-quality flowers are being used to create the TriCones. Only flowers testing over 20% THC potency are used

Tips for use:

Grab some friends, sit back and enjoy!

These are not your typical joints. Interra Oils KoF TriCones are very potent, so we recommend sharing with friends or enjoying just one or two hits with time to relax and enjoy before partaking again.

Available KoF Tricone Strains

KoF Tricone Recreational Strains

Golden Temple Kush
Purple Urkle

Pandora's Box

purple urkle in biotrack. spent trim extaction, mi
Thin Mint
T.7013 Mixed

Coming Soon KoF Tricone Strains

KoF Tricone Recreational Strains

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